Scientific Vastu

vaas - to live, to reside, to exist. Vastu is n science of it dwelling or a permanent habitat %%here people reside. It is aligning building with the laws of nature. It can he referred to as keeping right thing at the right place. Vastu is Universal. Secular & Quantitative. It is a systematically organized body of verified knowledge of facts and events. It is a scientific knowledge, as it is attained through accurate observations of nature. Vastu is a proto-science and an art. It has tbnnulatcd general laws or principles for execution. Ultimate foundation for all science is facts of observation. Vastu is empirical, as it is based on facts of experiences. Balancing internal & external energies in and around the building is vastu.

Vastu is scientific, quantitative, definite & reliable VASTU is a science, which deals with the laws of nature and is an Art of living in harmony with the nature. People share a biased opinion about Vastu. It has been commonly considered to be a Hindu Treatise, which is meant for Hindus. In reality, Vastu is a universal subject, which would benefit each of us irrespective of caste, creed, sex, colour and nationality. It is a reality that Vastu is an answer to BRI (Building Related Illness) and SBS (Sick Building Syndrome); it is the need of the day. According to a report of WHO that appeared in the New York Times, the scientists of USA have declared a considerable number of buildings as sick. The sickness is attributed to the disorderly arrangement of spaces within the built environment; they say that such residential buildings are found to be the source of mental and physical disorders. In this case, the individual and independent role of the Vastu tradition is providing not only physical or material welfare but also spiritual well-being. Vastu is the need of the day. Now it has been realized that a prior knowledge of Vastu Science is must for the architects, engineers and interior designers.

The bylaws of Vastu relate a human being with the house and with the environment. It relates the house with the human being and environment. The bylaws of Vastu are used not only in architecture but also in interior design. The structural, architectural and internal set up should be as per the laws of Vastu science. Slowly and gradually, people of other religions are following it as well. It is becoming famous in other countries. It is also considered as a specialized set of knowledge for which specialized people are required. Universities have considered Vastu as a part of their course curriculum. Vastu enjoys an important status in today's progressing world. With the change in the architectural field and in the habit of people with their changing standard.

Vastu has reinterpreted the bylaws as per the demands of modernization Manpower and f!:afkmet are being rapidly replaced by machines and the automatic systems with advanced technology. Wit] modernization, the system of living in and around a house has completely chaiiged. Th fundamentals of Vastu are same but the demands and requirements have differed wit modernization and technology. ntl Scientific Vastu

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