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In a world of chaos, our home is the soothing element. A home is an energy rejuvenation spa. Every designer tells a story, but at INTERIOR AUTHOR we give you an ending which is ever changing.

You dream your design, and we design your dream. We help you create a home which tells your story and decorate it with experiences you had.

At INTERIOR AUTHOR, we let the nature speak to you. We let the smell of natural wood, soothe your breathing and right colors pacify your mind. We let the architectural elements speak to you and entitle you with 100 years of Solitude.

Bringing back the ancient (Vedic) Indian culture back to trend, we let the science of Vastu and Art of mind lift you up in the air.

Breaking the rules, INTERIOR AUTHOR projects the natural soul of clients and saves life by constructing a life worth living.

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A rising Vastu conjurer, This Author believes in Hunting-Searching and Delivering the alchemy of souls and cosmos!


Believes in knowing the Client to it’s core and putting their true Soul to the house. An Author who, let your House speak your story.


Aiming to revive the lost art & crafts of India, an Author who believes in the enigma of nature and helps your home unlock it.