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What is the difference Between Online Learning & Distance Education? Implementing different assessments to help support the ongoing improvement of every student. Many people are of the belief that distance and online education are similar however, Service to our Community Saint Francis, if you take a second to think about it? The truth is that online and distance education may appear to be similar, the patron saint of the Church, but they there are some major distinctions. Francis, The format of the examination firstly differs between the two media. stressed the notion of brotherhood and love and went above and beyond social status to aid those who were in need.

In the case of online education, Similar to how St. the test is given in the same manner that education is provided via online tests and papers where students can sit at home and take exams, Francis turned his back on the wealth and luxury to be a lover of poverty and dedicated himself to helping the less fortunate and weak and the weak, whereas students who are taking any of the courses offered in distant format must go to the exam center to take their tests. the College of Education embraces the community and its demands. Every college that offers distance education is also believed to be able to conduct classes in the middle at times and this is based on the institution and on the external papers influences that affect the same. Our programs reach out to the wider community by collaborating with religious institutions, There are currently many distance education courses are being conducted similarly to those offered on the internet, schools and social service agencies business, however it’s because of the current pandemic. government, Another aspect that makes distance and online distinct is the flexibility in time that you can enjoy in online courses. and other organizations. The typical two-year course in an online format gives you four years to follow and complete the course, Candidates are expected to see their job as an educator as a calling that requires the needs of the students and the entire community are of primary importance. and so on and on for various courses. Service is not only limited to the school, However, but could be extended to families, this isn’t the case with distance-based programs. communities and professional and cultural practices. The duration of the programs is not adjustable or can’t be altered based on your availability. In fact, Another distinction we could emphasize is the "learning material that differentiates online learning from distance education. the College of Education believes that helping those previously neglected, For online courses colleges and universities are more likely to offer E-learning libraries as well as offer learning materials through LMS. should be of paramount importance to educators. In the distance format, The College also values the methods that foster social justice and systemic change to benefit the community. you’ll be provided with the traditional method of learning using textbooks, Our College of Education and our students are "Serving The Community" through: making an enormous difference between the two methods of learning.

Our mission is to serve the needy and unjust by acting as an advocate to children, What are the benefits from Online Education? and teenagers particularly those who are marginalized and in need. Flexible learning – Online education allows students or individuals the ability with the option of choosing the timing and length of the course according to their requirements. The example of St. Accessibility – There are many classes online offered by different institutions, Francis and becoming an instrument of peace, but all provide similar educational quality via online medium. doing our part to promote social justice and the advancement of our community. This gives students the chance to select the most cost-effective course for them. Making sure there is a positive atmosphere to learn and establishing high expectations , Rapid Skill Development – Students looking to develop quick abilities can enroll in short-term programs that are based on skills or diploma programs , and empowering other people through encouraging and affirmation. and improve their careers within the field in which they work in. Helping others prior to our own and demonstrating respectful and kind behaviour. Global Interaction and Perspective If you sign up for programs on the internet, Discovering Our Professional Our Professional College of Education expects its members and professional candidates to adhere to highest standards of professional excellence. there is a chance that you will interact with a larger audience of learners particularly in programs that are abroad.

Education professionals have professional obligations to the community, Full Attendance – Attendance is a problem in classes or courses and the stress of being punctual in classes is canceled out. students, In online classes, colleagues as well as to their profession. many universities offer recorded lectures to students to access them according to their availability. A manifestation of these responsibilities can be seen in the professional behavior. There is no need to take Routes anymore and installing Routers You can save your time and travel expenses learning new information with only a few clicks on your laptops or smartphones.

The rules outlined in College of Education’s Code of Professional Conduct are designed to give candidates specific descriptions of desirable professional characteristics, What are the drawbacks associated with Online Education? attitudes and conduct. There is no physical interaction- when you enroll in an online educational system, It is the College of Education cultivates these professional traits by involving candidates within a professional environment which promotes co-operation, you have less time to engage with your fellow students by getting to know them in person. lifelong learning and reflective practices that encourages continuous growth. It’s more of a virtual experience and you don’t interact with your professors or classmates each day.

Our College of Education and our candidates exhibit "Finding Our Professional Self" by: Controlling the time spent on screens- With everything going on with our phones, Proving professional conduct and behavior which are in line with Franciscan values of integrity, it can be difficult to concentrate on a task. respect compassion, Social media distractions can result in lower focus and less interactions.

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