37 Best Virtual Team Building Activities In 2022 Ranked

It’s fun and gets everyone involved, even if they can’t actually eat what each other has made! It also allows them to have an afternoon off work to focus on something fun, which will increase team morale. Take a picture of them planking and post it to your company chat. If everyone is wearing slippers, then everyone gets 1 point.

virtual team building activities

Most apps have an engagement dashboard wherein you can find information like how many people engaged in which activities. To play a game of Jeopardy, simply visit this link and select ‘Create a game’. This online tool allows you to add 25 custom questions and answers. You can simply share your screen with your team to play a customised version of jeopardy.

Foster fun, but this activity allows remote teams to learn each others’ problem-solving processes in real time. You and your team can flex your foreign speaking skills together by learning a new language as a group. Learn a Language is one of the more useful team building ideas for remote workers because it teaches a useful skill. While offices can celebrate wins with fancy ceremonies and cake, virtual workspaces limit remote teams to giving each other shout-outs via email and Slack messages.

can You Hear Me Now? Team Favorite

Track distance and time run, and post a leader-board for everyone to see. The office Christmas party is one of the annual events that employees most look forward to. We recommend gingerbread decorating, virtual gift exchanges and other festive activities.

This virtual team-building activity helps boost team morale as they start to remember fun activities they have done in the past while getting to know their co-workers. The other players or the entire team will have to guess the indications or hints to get the correct answer. To make this virtual trivia more fun and less time-consuming, the host/moderator can set the time when a team has to act out their roles or guess the answer. What’s missing is one of the best virtual team-building activities where teams can discuss and solve solutions together. Two truths and a lie is a unique team-building activity for productive remote teams. This virtual format game is one of the best ways virtual team members get to know each other for either a new or old team gathering.

Office Book Club

At work, you can pair up employees of any skill level to read books together. With the massive boost in popularity of the Food Network, people are more and more interested in food. You can arrange your own DIY online cooking class, or book a session with a vendor.

virtual team building activities

To create your own virtual health and wellness challenges, set a fitness goal as a team — such as 90 days of movement — and give each member a way to track their progress online. This team-building challenge will give your employees the opportunity to show off their gardening skills and bond over shared gardening failures. Use a virtual whiteboard or other apps to have employees add important milestones. You can keep your timeline open, too, so employees can add important events as they happen. Here are 7 simple, but fun virtual icebreakers to try in your next meeting or training. At Virtual Team Buildingwe take care of every single process and detail of the online team building selected by our client.

Virtual Team Building Bingo

Be sure that the team leader or manager also answers these questions, as it creates the feeling that everyone is equal. And activities require a little more team effort, cooperation and commitment than any icebreaker activity. The facilitator team building will have the sheet open on a digital whiteboard on their computer and will share their screen while employees try to guess the answers. As each answer is guessed, the facilitator can follow along, putting answers into the empty column.

Rollercoaster Check-In is a fun, visual way of checking in with your team and allowing them to share their feelings without some of the pressure of more formal methods. In an online setting, you get to go one step further and include items, concepts or even people that you could not possibly fit in a real box. You might ask participants to choose someone to join the team from a group of world leaders or fictional characters. You might include pictures of objects that are directly related to the workshop or your company. Whatever you choose, ensure you include a mix that allows for varying personal tastes and gives people the chance to express themselves. Sharing personal experiences and generating positivity can help groups bond and improve team relationships.

Range provides remote teams with the functionality they need to stay strong and effective together. Easily host virtual check-ins and standups and ask your co-workers questions designed by teamwork experts to help everyone feel connected. When remote workers are craving more autonomy, a virtual team building activity can help them gain trust from their managers and peers.

An example of a fun, school-inspired activity is Virtual Show & Tell. Alice Escapes Wonderland is an engaging and interactive event that takes place in a virtual world. Your remote team will come together to solve the mystery of https://globalcloudteam.com/ who stole the mirror, by working together on puzzles, mazes and more. These days, a lot of people enjoy playing D&D, and you can facilitate the game entirely online. So, choose a dungeon master and pull out your virtual swords.

You can set the channel of your preference, the schedule of the breaks and the frequency. A very big reason why many people opt out of these sessions is because the activity simply does not interest them. It is best to keep everyone’s personal interests and preferences in mind so that more people join the activities. Everyone’s results can be seen right in Slack on opening the thread. It is a great way to add some fun to a work day and break the ice amongst coworkers. The player enacts the business personality name or the buzzword chosen via their body language; without any lip movement, and explains to the remaining members of their team.

All your team has different skills or hidden hobbies they would love to share so why not create a time for them to share them. They can share a fun recipe or a craft that will be hands-on. When your team is international or coming from varying backgrounds you need the opportunity to learn each other’s professional preferences. That is why creating a “personal user manual” is great, it is effective to create work guidelines with your team. Everyone is free to add what they would like and it’s a great background in learning how each of your colleagues works.

Openers To Align Virtual Teams

Jeopardy is a fun teamwork game that requires only minutes of virtual team building time. It can be played on Zoom, Webex or any other video conferencing tool with 5 to 10 teams of 2 to 4 individuals per team. From virtual icebreakers to remote team building activities, we have many opportunities to engage our employees and strengthen our teams. Virtual team building is how you can help remote employees foster connections and strengthen relationships. Similar to in-person team building, virtual team-building activities can improve collaboration and communication while helping employees feel more connected.

  • While these team activities are mostly meant to be fun, there is also a strong element of communication.
  • Most choice games give you a deeper insight into the other person’s life.
  • For round one, your team has to decide on whether the world is going to keep pancakes or waffles, and the other is to be obliterated from existence.
  • Taking virtual coffee breaks that are minutes long can prove to be very helpful in building community and getting to know your coworkers better.
  • If someone has a specific job to do, like cheerleader or shade thrower, then they will be more engaged.

Try to mix things up so that everyone’s interests are kept in mind. Google Chat – Keep in touch with your team using Google’s chat service. Toasty – Focuses on driving online collaborations in meetings and workshops. TINYPulse is a tool used for feedback and surveys that encourages teams to express themselves. A very useful app to get feedback from your team especially while working remote. With Polly, you can send out instant polls with /polly command, using your own poll or templates.

Online Catchphrase Or Charades

While good technique might impress the group, the point of a virtual dance party is to have fun and get moving. To play scavenger hunt, the leader will first decide if the team will compete individually or as a mini team. The leader will then give team members a set of tasks or puzzles to complete. The thrill of competition is outsmarting each other by being the first to complete the set tasks.

What Is The Purpose Of A Virtual Team?

Doing free virtual team building activities is a great way to bring people together remotely. These teams usually feel isolated due to prolonged absences from the office and colleagues. Therefore, virtual team building activities are handy in cheering such teams.

Once everyone creates their own user manual, be sure to share it with your team and have it accessible for everyone to look over. It is also a great icebreaker in getting to know another on a professional level. Divide your team into smaller groups and send them each a sheet of trivia questions. So, we think this activity will be really beneficial for your remote team. Some of the best ways to get to know one another is through their TV Show taste and it is a great trivia game to play with your team. Have the final competition with everyone on the team meeting to cheer each player on and see who the Row Sham Bow champion will be.

The group members will have to guess the drawing within a time limit of 2 minutes. Dress up like it’s the 60s, get your hands on some 60s snacks, groove to The Beatles, John Lennon and Led Zeppelin. The gamification and achievement badges are also a fun way to motivate your employees to participate. Instead of manually creating and sending quizzes to your employees, Quizbreaker lets you schedule when you’d like quizzes sent. Just use the /ice slash command in any chat and an icebreaker will appear.

March 14, also known as 3/14, is Pi Day, and is a great way to show off how many digits you can count to of Pi. For a fun virtual activity, your team can learn memorization skills together. To up the game even further, you can encourage everyone to bring a slice of their favorite pie. You can do a round-robin tournament where each round is five games. The winner of the tournament is the player that remains at the end.

This activity is the opportunity to give advice and to learn more about each other. We love this team building activity because it is a quick and easy way to provide real insight into your employees and how their mind works. It is also great for promoting trust and friendship, and this can translate into cohesive working relationships.

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